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Automobile solutions

Transcontinental Shipping Services Supply Chain, a leading auto-mobility contract logistics provider with 230 operations around the globe

Auto-Mobility Expertise

With more than 15,000 automotive supply chain experts collaborating with our customers, we develop flexible, efficient solutions that increase productivity and drive efficiency. Our expertise spans auto-mobility manufacturing and distribution, from passenger and commercial vehicles to component manufactures and tires.
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Market Trends

1. The fall in demand in 2020 has rebounded into a surge
2. The semiconductor chip shortage has reduced vehicle output – as much as 40%
3. Chip availability challenges will likely depress the sector for one to two years
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Automotive Supply Chain Impact

1. With component supply no longer guaranteed, lean manufacturing/JIT strategy must be revisited 2. Supply chains must now focus on supply assurance with new inventory plans and sourcing partnerships 3. Need to find innovative postponement methods to support user-driven customization

Passenger Vehicles

To meet customer demand for personalization, connected cars and new fuel technologies, along with competitive prices, high quality and reliable service, we offer value-added services including packaging and kitting, managing your overall supply chain as your LLP as well as automotive supply chain optimization and finished vehicle logistics.

Expertise Includes:

1. Inbound to manufacturing solutions support flexible, dynamic production, matching supply to constantly varying demand.
2. Just-in-time and just-in-sequence inbound deliveries
3. Efficient operations network to ensure fast replacement parts delivery
4. Global Finished Vehicle management

Commercial Vehicles

Environmental concerns, a drive to improve fuel efficiency, and meeting vehicle regulations and certifications are key factors shaping future business decisions. With our automobile knowledge, we offer logistics consulting and design to help you meet these difficult challenges.

Expertise Includes:

1. Global Finished Vehicle management
2. Supplier parks to manage inbound partners
3. Packaging and kitting services

Component Manufacturers

TS inbound-to-manufacturing service ensures proximity to assembly lines while meeting demands for cost reduction and high reliability of parts. Additional value-added services, including in-plant logistics, sequencing and just-in-time delivery help keep your operation running smoothly.

Expertise Includes:

1. Logistics for batteries
2. Support for rapid adaptation needed to meet these market challenges
3 Unbundling logistics costs from parts costs for increased visibility and cost control

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