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Engineering & Manufacturing

The scale and experience to implement specialized supply chain solutions across the globe

Energy and Chemicals Expertise

Adasca Logistik Supply Chain is a leader in providing agile, resilient, smart and sustainable solutions to the Energy, Chemicals, Engineering and Manufacturing Industries.
Industrial zone, Steel pipelines, valves and gauges

Market Trends

The need to transition to green energy and reduce CO2 emissions is a burning issue Digitalization in the sector has been slow, but is now a future imperative. Geopolitical factors are threatening supply availability and supply assurance Product customization is driving competitive advantage.
big Oil and gas Refinery At evening

Supply Chain Impact

A green supply chain is imperative A digital supply chain is necessary to achieve greater predictability and visibility of parts and supplies Supply chain optimization and cost efficiencies are needed to offset the rising cost of raw materials

Our Capabilities and Operating Standards

Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO)

MRO enables efficient Supply Chain operations by managing engineering materials and parts used in the maintenance, repair and operations of both production plants and field site operations, to ensure equipment uptime, keep production moving and prevent costly delays.

Health, Safety, Security

Our robust processes and tools allow safe working, reduce risk and comply with health and safety regulations. We are fully compliant in the handling of dangerous goods and hold ISO90001 certification.

Environmental and Regulatory

Compliance We are committed to being global leaders in creating a sustainable future for us all, applying our logistics, waste management and environmental compliance expertise across supply chains to continuously reduce costs, increase revenues and improve sustainability performance. We also meet strict local regulations and specific product requirements.


Digitalization of logistics offers limitless opportunities. We have a clear path to leadership in digital supply chains to realize their full potential and improve efficiencies in the Energy, Chemical, Engineering and Manufacturing Industries.

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