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Packaging Solutions

Create a competitive advantage with agile, flexible and sustainable packaging solutions powered by Transcontinental Supply Chain 

Packaging Solutions

Reduce your complexity and risk by consolidating your packaging and warehousing under one roof and leverage our ethical and quality standards, purchasing power and sourcing knowledge. With recognized operational excellence and packaging services available worldwide, DHL Supply Chain is the partner you can be confident will meet changing market needs. Supported by experienced packaging specialists and technology to increase visibility, we can power your end-to-end supply chain strategy now and into the future.
An employee at a recycling plant is pointing to plastic waste being sent to the recycling process. Engineer looking and pointing forward.

Agility and Responsiveness

Flexibility and scale help your business keep ahead in a consumer driven world. We drive speed to market by enabling fulfilment on demand. We flex our operations to meet peaks in production and postpone your packaging decisions until the last minute.
Cardboard boxes on pallet and stack of parcels behind it on wooden floor in the retail store building

Reduce Complexity and Risk

Leveraging packaging knowledge of a trusted partner will help you ensure operational excellence. We provide consistent ethical and quality standards, robust purchasing power and extensive sourcing knowledge.
Close up view of a dedicated worker carrying a stack of duck taped brown boxes in factory storage room while wearing sterile cloths and rubber gloves.

Value, Visibility and Control

Fully understanding your packaging operations helps you make operational decisions to maximize value. We drive incremental efficiencies through an integrated service model, a skilled workforce and digitally enabled visibility and control.
Shot of the interior of a large packaging and distribution warehouse

Sustainable Packaging Operations

We can reduce your environmental footprint and transform your business with sustainable technologies and materials that improve information flows, reduce waste and drive continuous operational efficiencies.

What Customers Are Saying

By implementing DHL’s standardized packaging solution, which is engineered to reduce labor and transportation costs, across multi-regions we have been able to make substantial cost savings. We’ve already witnessed an approximate 40% reduction in fulfillment costs in Canada and hope to replicate this across the rest of North America. Top FMCG Brand Owner

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