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Consumer Goods

Transcontinental Shipment Supply Chain delivers flexible, end-to-end, specialized supply chain solutions for over 550 consumer companies

Consumer Goods Expertise

We provide supply chain solutions across a range of industries, including food (frozen, chilled and ambient), beverages, media and entertainment, and household goods. Our continuously expanding portfolio of services helps you address your most complex and urgent operational needs – from consulting, planning and network design to manufacturing, packaging and return logistics.
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Market Trends

1. Consumers are connecting with brands in multiple channels, especially digital
2. Shoppers are looking for brands that match their values, especially sustainability
3. Direct-to-consumer models delight customers and build brand loyalty
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Consumer Supply Chain Impact

1. Resilience through right-shoring is crucial to responding to fluctuations in demand
2. Control tower capabilities must enable end-to-end visibility, real-time analytics and collaboration
3. Operational and supply chain complexity must be reduced

Deep Consumer Goods Expertise

Kaliningrad, Russia - January 31, 2021: Pasta on supermarket shelves.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Our collaborative logistics solutions deliver fast moving consumer goods to stores faster and cost-effectively.

Expertise Includes:

1. Optimizing product portfolios for competitive advantage
2. Implementing agile and efficient operations to improve speed to market
3. Multi-channel distribution
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Our expertise equips perishable goods manufacturers with logistics operations that increase product shelf lives and lower operating costs.

Expertise Includes:

1. Deploying digitally enabled capabilities through smart logistics
2. Implementing refrigerated storage and transport
Dealer New Cars Stock. Colorful Brand New Compact Vehicles For Sale Awaiting on the Dealer Parking Lot. Car Market Business Concept.

Consumer Durables

Our enhanced solutions cater to increasing consumer durables demand and distribution via new sales channels.

Expertise Includes:

1. Powering rapid growth in online sales and direct-to-customer distribution
2. Integrating new production plants in low-cost countries as part of your logistics operations
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Media and Entertainment

Our integrated solutions enable arts, entertainment and sports equipment manufacturers to increase efficiency and innovate distribution.

Expertise Includes:

1. Delivering higher efficiency across digital and physical supply chains
2. Leveraging alternative forms of content distribution including online and mobile

Global Footprint

Our unmatched capabilities and teams of supply chain experts globally provides consumer goods customers with growth opportunities in established and emerging economies. We provide the flexibility to scale up or down to meet complex requirements or overcome time-critical disruptions.

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