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Transcontinental Shipping Supply Chain meets the demands of the highly dynamic market landscape

Technology Expertise

Our expertise in innovative supply chain solutions maximizes opportunities and minimizes risk across various sub-sectors, including PC and Notebooks, enterprise computing, imaging and printing, EMS and ODM, semiconductors, networks and consumer electronics. With over 300 leading technology customers, our technology industry expertise ensures we understand the cost-saving pressures and process optimization necessary for the success of our technology industry customers
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Market Trends

Rising consumer electronics sales lead to a rapidly growing structural demand for chips and components Accelerated adoption of Internet of Things, intelligent automation and artificial intelligence Increased pressures to reduce environmental impact
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Technology Supply Chain Impact

A need to diversify and build resilience to improve capability and reduce geographic sourcing dependency Increase emphasis on robust approach to cybersecurity and business continuity plans Support for new production and consumption models – sharing, leasing, and recycling

Our Capabilities and Operating Standards

End-to-end success

We remove the headaches and complexities of technology logistics and develop integrated value-added supply chain solutions that maximize opportunities and minimize risk. Consolidate manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, final mile and aftermarket logistics and get full control and visibility of your supply chain – reducing inventory levels, damages and obsolescence.

Operational Excellence

As technology industry experts, we work closely with you to develop flexible, efficient ways to cope with the technology industry's short product life cycles, changing customer demands, new sales channels and global distribution challenges. We continuously improve operational and security standards, and focus on the health and safety and knowledge of our team of logistics experts to deliver real and sustained competitive advantage.

Speed and Resilience

We provide you with the unmatched expertise and footprint of a global logistics partner. Schedule, control and fine-tune production quickly with streamlined, best-in-class Inbound to Manufacturing support. Outsource non-core processes and operations. Leverage shipping, distribution and economies of scale around the world and build reliable, resilient and compliant technology supply chains.

Digitally Enabled

We leverage new technologies to create more effective and efficient supply chains. Our innovation teams bring together technology experts to develop advances that have included DHL Smart Sensors for accurate geo-tracking, the use of RFID across the technology supply chain, automation and robotics, augmented reality and big data analytics solutions that provide real-time end-to-end supply chain visibility.

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