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With more than 400 international fulfillment centers, Adasca Logistik Supply Chain delivers secure, agile and sustainable solutions

Retail Expertise

Our retail supply chain solutions span a wide variety of retailers, from hypermarkets to convenience stores, e-retailers to department stores, Do-it-Yourself, electrical and furniture stores to coffee shops. Our deep retail supply chain experience and best-in-class IT platform ensure our customers have constant visibility and speed, multi-channel delivery and a consistent customer experience globally.
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Market Trends

Worldwide retail ecommerce sales will make up 22.3% of total retail sales by 2023, estimates show Retailers need to deliver a seamless transition between in-store and online channels Consumers are seeking more personalization, in product and shopping experience
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Retail Supply Chain Impact

Omnichannel retail requires tailored logistics networks, end-to-end visibility and both descriptive and predictive data analytics Risk mitigation, improved supply chain resilience and sustainability require supply chain reengineering with more regional nodes and last mile innovation

Our Capabilities and Operating Standards

Global Reach and Speed to Market

Gaining access to new markets with consistent, high-quality operations, no matter the geography, requires the robust global network of a valued logistics partner. As retail experts, we offer the broadest, most comprehensive range of global logistics operations.

Omnichannel Logistics

With consumers buying both offline and online, an agile omnichannel logistics strategy is at the heart of customer-centric retail organizations. Our modular offering allows customers to partner with us with a high level of flexibility and customization to build unique solutions. We provide B2C and B2B e-commerce and traditional fulfillment solutions that synchronize inventory, logistics and distribution functions across all sales channels to meet consumer demand.

End-to-end Logistics Control

Remove the complexities of implementing supply chain efficiencies, managing security, and integrating multiple electronic and mobile sales channels. With our easily replicable solutions for our retail customers we set up new facilities, partnerships and services, reducing costs and introducing lean logistics processes with the highest quality operational and health and safety standards.


Retail companies face increased pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, deliver positive social impact and foster responsible business practices. Due to our retail expertise, we enable our customers to achieve their sustainability targets through concrete Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities across our warehousing, transportation and packaging solutions.

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